Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break, Really???

Sorry about the disappearing act....I don't know who is left to read this since it has been two weeks from the last post.  We went through a pretty rough time with my husbands elderly parents and my own mother.  We were in and out of hospitals, going back forth from their home and ours (a 50 minute drive one way but very thankful, it use to be a five hour drive.)  Then I had to run down to Tulsa due to the fact that my mom broke her  wrist in my drive way!  She had surgery and I helped out since she really could not do anything.  So it has been a rough two weeks.  But I am back home, getting mountains of wash done and cooking for my family.  They are thankful!

We have finished our Chicken Tractor!  And the first batch of meat chickens look great in it, they look happy and playful.  We have moved our layers into the lean too that also has a chicken tractor and they are happy they can fly now.  The last batch of meat chickens are in their hover and loving it.  Everyone is happy.

We are getting more chickens either tonight or tomorrow night...more layers, then by the end of the week we will order more meat chickens.

At School we have a short week, we have Friday off for Good Friday.  This will be our last day off until the end of the school year.  I can not believe it is Easter already.  This year has flown by. Check out the next post about PINK SLIME!

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