Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break...

For many of you out there, spring break means taking a vacation.  Getting that last ski trip of the year in, heading to a warm beach somewhere, or staying at home and doing nothing. I love those spring breaks.  For my husband and myself Spring Break has a different meaning....

Spring Breaks means getting our garden started, planting lettuce, carrots, parsnips, kale, Swiss chard, radishes and spinach.  It means weeding and getting the other beds ready for tomatoes and peppers.  We are also working on our market garden where we grow around 300 hundred tomato plants to sell.  If you need tomatoes plants that have been raised with out chemicals we have those.

Spring Break means getting new baby chicks, both layers and meat chickens.  We have 27 layers at the moment and 23 meat chicks.  We need to build our chicken tractor for the layers and meat chickens.  We need to order our next batch of both layers and meat chicks.  We need to plant grass seed so the donkeys will have grass to eat through the summer.  And on top of all of that we will be learning how to process our meat chickens in order to sell whole  pastured chickens that have been fed only organic grain..

Spring Breaks means 10 days of dawn till dusk work to get ready for the busy summer life we lead. We will need to go back to work in order to rest.  LOL  One thing I can say though is that we love living this life.  When we built our brooder for the meat chicks, we worked outside, my hubby and I, for four hours, I also cooked dinner, and we built this thing into the night.  Once we put the chicks in their new home, they all said thank you.  They were so happy, they checked out the new digs, and then tried to fly.  They don't have the landing down and they end up face planting.....or bowling over nine other chicks for a strike.

I love our meaning of Spring Break and can not wait to get started with the list we have to work from.
That is what Spring Breaks means to us....what does it mean to you?

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