Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

I am sitting here, in my beat up old blue chair, shivering a bit, while everyone else wraps packages for tomorrow.  Not that I don't have any thing to wrap, I do, lots.  I am just not into wrapping.  Matter of fact, I hate it. This does not make me a scrooge, it just means I hate wrapping anything.  I love Christmas, I love buying, I love getting ready...but I hate wrapping.  So while everyone else is tucking tape between colored paper I am sitting here typing away. 

I am starting once again to catalog what I cook, what I read, and what cookbooks I read.  You will see why I cook what I do and who cleans up.  That is my favorite part.  I will talk about grocery shopping, how to keep my food bill in hand feeding five adults (mom, dad, and three full grown teenagers plus friends).  We eat well and I am a bit of a food snob, so there are items I buy that might blow a budget, but I work them in.

I will also talk about cookbooks.  I love them!  I have dozens of them and they all have their place.  I will continue to purchase cookbooks, to my poor husband's dismay.  I buy them new, used, or at garage sales.  I stack them all around me so I can look at them, talk to them, and hear them.  I love my books.

This is also about the most dreaded job next to the toilet - dish washing!  Even with the modern wonder of the automatic dishwasher, there are still dishes to clean and counters to wipe and the floor to sweep....even if you have two dogs to pick up the slack.  Those dirty dishes can run you a couple of thousand dollars a year if they are not tamed.  We will tame them together.