Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pink Slime....

Part of this is our own fault.  We demand cheap cheap food.  5 years ago we spent something like 9% of our home budget on food, 25 years ago it was around 15 do you think that happened?  Cheap processed food, cheap ways of raising food, cheap chemicals to produce more food than we can eat.  So we take cattle and inject them with growth hormones, feed them corn (which they were never meant to eat) that cause them to have ulcers, then we treat that with antibiotics, then on top of all of this we finish them out in feed lots....nasty, horrid, dirty, pens filled with poo that they walk in and through for the last 6-8 weeks of their lives while eating corn (that their stomachs can't digest). And by the way that is not mud.                    
Yum I am so glad my meat is raised that way (insert snarky sound).  Then when we get upset about these things, our rage ends at the check book.  Grass raised, happy cows that are raised the way God meant, cost more!!!  We are insulting the true ranchers of our time by being upset about the cost of quality beef.  We can afford to drop 60.00 at a restaurant and not think another thing about it, but not spend 5.00 a pound for happy beef.  We eat the beef that was raised so contrary to it's own well being and never consider what we just did. Seems a bit skewed to me.I was disgusted at what the government has been putting over us for the last 20-30 years.  I am also amazed that they really believe that they are the van guards to our health. The sooner we choose not put faith in our government the better our health and well being will be.  Pink Slime is one example of many; the things done for the almighty dollar.  Yet the "government" can not keep our dollar strong enough to make gas affordable.

Anyhow, back to pink slime....I had all but given up on ground beef, the bits of bone and gristle that you would come just cracked your tooth...I hated running into those bits.  We have been buying great quality grass fed only small farm raised beef and there is non of that in there.  They don't bust down the bones, cartilage and fat to get every particle of beef...they turn that into pet food; and those bits twenty years ago were turned into pet food.  But with the governments blessing the beef manufactures figured out how to eek out this little bit of finely textured lean beef, build plants to collect in and form it into bricks and then send it to supermarkets to help their bottom line.

I am not saying that we have to change today, all at once, although that would be great if we could.  But we do need to change.  If pink slime upsets you, you should also be upset with feed lots, massive pig farms and chicken factories.  They are all giving us cheap food, at a terrible cost; to the animals for sure and to ourselves in health issues.  I find it very hard to believe that our current food chain dose not bring with it multitude of health issues.  All the chemicals and non-nutritious food that we eat adds to our disease.  So start small....choose to eat at home instead of going out....choose to eat smaller portions of meat...choose to shop and not toss....choose to get rid of everything processed in your home....choose to live better, healthier, cleaner, and happier.  We do have the control, the government only has what power we choose to give them.

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