Thursday, May 3, 2012

Field Day

Tomorrow is Field Day...therefore it is Field Day Lunch....our biggest day of the year.  We spend a week getting ready for it.  Here is the break down...

350 fresh hamburgers
250 all beef Angus hot dogs
Honey Wheat Buns
BBQ Baked Beans
Fresh Strawberries
Fresh Fruit
and of course Monster Cookies!

We are hoping for about 400-450 with parents and siblings.  So we have 500 Monster Cookies staring us in the face...and yes they are good, they are very good.  They make the entire building smell incredible. Both of our walk-in freezer and fridge are stuffed to the gills, we have to pull stuff out in order to move around.  There are two cases of Allen's Baked Beans ready to be duded up with BBQ sauce, brown sugar and a bit of mustard....they really are very good.  And next to the Monster Cookies are the fresh ripe strawberries, some of the first of the season.  They are so sweet, like little red sugar jewels.  And that is lunch for tomorrow.

Here is the recipe for the BBQ Baked Beans:

2 large cans of your favorite baked beans, Allen's or Bushes are my favorites (28 oz )
6 strips of good bacon, diced
1 onion diced
1/2 c of BBQ sauce
1/4 c of good mustard
1/2 c brown sugar
kosher salt and a lot of fresh cracked pepper

In a large skillet cook the bacon until crispy, remove to paper towel.  In the pan with the bacon fat add your onions and cook till they are soft and starting to break down.

Add your beans, BBQ sauce, mustard, brown sugar, salt and pepper.  Bring to a boil and then turn the heat down to low.  Let this simmer for about 20 minutes.  Taste and adjust seasoning and top with the bacon bits.

I love duding up my BBQ Baked Beans....I think it is called speed scratch start with a pre-done items and go from there.  Such as a rotisserie chicken, or a real ham.  All kinds of simple dinner ideas...

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