Monday, October 31, 2011

My version of Farm LIfe

The last two weeks have left with very little to no extra time.  We have a complicated sewage system.  Our house is 6 inches lower than our lagoon.  That means we have a lift station between the house and the lagoon.  The lift station collects wast water and when it reaches a certain level there is a small green pump that pushes the water out to the lagoon.  That little pump has redefined my entire life.  That little green pump is vital our every day living.
The pump went out a week ago last Friday.  The alarm went off and the light on the post glared red at the house.  Every time I looked outside, that red light would remind me that life as I know it is changed.
First, no unnecessary toilet flushing, showers anywhere else but home, no dish washing (had to buy wash tubs, then dump the tubs when they got full outside), and no washing machine.
We paid 200.00 to have the yucky water pumped out so that we could get to the pump, then found out that the pump was dead.  So we spent another 200+ to get a new pump.  Kent and I put the pump in....I am on load 10 of washing.

So that little green pump is the best little thing I have ever seen!

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