Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall is here...

And it came quickly.  I love fall and everything that it brings, cooler temps, color changes, cooking in the oven again....And bringing my family back to the table.
This has been a very hectic begining of school for us.  My oldest is going to WATC for his Airfram and Power Plant certification-means he will be able to repair plans.  I have a senior and sophomore girls at Trinity.  We are done with the first 9 weeks and it just simply disappeared. 

I set this goal for myself every month and will continue to do so because I need to refocus.  Brining my family to the table for dinner.  Now Ethan my oldest works at nights, so it is just the four of us during the week.  Friday nights are hit and miss with school sports, date night or sheer exhaustion.  Sunday Lunch is our big family meal with everyone...including friends that they may want to invite. 

So make a plan and work the plan to have more family meals together.  The younger you start the bigger the pay off is when they are tweens and then teenagers. 

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