Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chili Day

Today we are making chili, with the quintessential cinnamon roll.  We make our chili from scratch and make it mild for the students.  But on the East Side you will always find a container of red pepper flakes, so you can make it as hot as you like.  Here is some info about the how we make our chili:
We use very lean, already de-fatted burger, we use dark kidney beans instead of chili beans so that we can control the sodium, our tomatoes are a quality and not bottom of the barrel, we use the best spices I can get for the cost, and they are very good.

 We will be making this in our Tilt skillet so that we can get 200 servings in one cooking round.  Then today we will be cooking off the sausage we are using for our gravy for the CCA Prayer Breakfast.  Trying to use our time to the best of our advantage.  Since we have to clean the skillet today might as well kill to birds with one stone.

Now for the cinnamon rolls.....

Baking in the oven filling this entire end of the building with the aroma of warm cinnamon and yeast baking away.

Then the finished product, continuing to drive us crazy....after 10 years you know just how many cinnamon rolls one can eat and not look like one.

Oh the woes of cooking for 300 plus.....

but someone has to do it.........

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