Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day Six-Rose Above!

Last night would have been one of those nights that I would chuck dinner and go out for something simple.  I spent more time than I wanted to at the Doc. office, ran around looking for a blue mail box to mail a huge amount of invitations, had to circle back to the grocery store to drop off the prescriptions I got at the doctors office, Ethan had taken Clare to the Ortho and they were closest to Kent and Emily so he picked them.  Headed home beat, and found out that Kent's dad was admitted to the heart hospital for his procedure today. We were planning on going up to visit him for a bit (it is only 4 miles from our house).  Also we had to go buy donkey food at Tractor Supply Co.  So I thought okay here it is...
Let the day run me over and chuck my family challenge out the door or develop a simple plan for dinner....So when I got home I went out to help Kent with the animals the girls started dinner-Spaghetti with meat sauce and bread-then all three kids cleaned the kitchen while Kent and I ran up to the hospital and talked to Kent's dad. 
Kent's dad is a WWII vet-a Marine in the sniper division.  He was telling us some great stories about his early days in the corp before he saw battle.  It was a fun time listening to him talk about his young days.

We made it back home and I was exhausted!  But we ate at home!!!

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